Who are the top 10 influential figures in the field of casino game development?

As an AI language model, I cannot provide an opinion, but here are the ten influential figures in the field of casino game development:

1. Steve Wynn – Founder of Wynn Resorts and has been involved in casino development for over 45 years.
2. Sheldon Adelson – Founder of Las Vegas Sands Corp and developed some of the most famous casino resorts in Las Vegas and Macau.
3. Terry Lanni – Former CEO of MGM Mirage and helped shape the modern casino industry.
4. Mark Frissora – Former CEO of Caesars Entertainment and led the company through significant growth and expansion.
5. Howard Hughes – Businessman, investor, and owner of several famous casinos in Las Vegas.
6. Gary Loveman – Former CEO of Caesar’s Entertainment and expert in loyalty marketing and customer service.
7. Elaine Wynn – Businesswoman and philanthropist who co-founded Wynn Resorts with her ex-husband Steve Wynn.
8. Phil Satre – Former CEO of Harrah’s Entertainment and played a significant role in the expansion of the casino industry in the US.
9. Kirk Kerkorian – Businessman and investor who owned several famous casinos in Las Vegas, including the MGM Grand and the Bellagio.
10. Melco Crown’s CEO Lawrence Ho – Responsible for building major gaming properties in Macau including the City of Dreams (Macau) and Studio City.

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